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Visit to the Colosseum+

This blog seems to be turning into more of a weekly update than I’d anticipated. But with that idea in mind I decided to do an update on some of my favorite things.

New favorite website this week: The Noun Project

Album of the week: Brothers by The Black Keys

Favorite product of the week: CineStar 3 Axis Gimbal

Video that reminds me most of my little bro this week: Hello White Boy Dance or this

Best way to wake roommates this month: Skrillex or this

Map of the week

25.1.12 This past Wednesday we made a trip with our ‘architecture of the city’ and ‘historic preservation’ classes to the old Roman Fourum and Colosseum for some education and sketching. Good times were had by all. 

Arch of Titus

Our Historic Preservation professor used this arch as an example of how monuments have been preserved in the past. It is clear to see that all the original parts of the arch is made of marble, while all of the added parts are made of travertine. Travertine is apparently very abundant around these parts because it is used for the curbs of most all the streets in Rome.

Atop the Palatine Hill


This is a view that I have seen many times before in images and real life. However, this was one of the first for me to recognize that the end of outer wall is made of brick. This is obviously not original. This is a part of the preservation done in 1826 by Giuseppe Valadier. Its purpose is to structurally support the unstable exterior wall. When constructed it was made to continue the rhythm of the facade with its open archways. This is different from the preservation done before by Raffaele Stern, which can be seen on the other end of the remaining exterior wall. Stern’s solution is a solid brick wall, which angles toward the top. This too was done for maintaining the structure.

The Colosseum, with its depth and archways, creates many interesting framed views.

Arch of Constantine

View toward the Forum


And here is Michael. He found one of the gates within the Colosseum not locked properly. Here you can see that the gate functions when not locked. _photo credit JMB

Wednesday night, with our History of Italian design class, we went to the MAXXI (National Museum of the 21st Century Arts) by architect Zaha Hadid in Rome. I didn’t take any pictures, but I thought it was a very interesting building. While we were there we went to the current exhibit RE-CYCLE on recycling architecture. There were some pretty sweet things that I want to make when I get home and have access to laser a laser cutter and supplies. After we left the MAXXI, our professor took us to see the Auditorium Parco della Musica by famous Italian architect Renzo Piano. Though it was dark out, the place was very active as a space. The complex holds three main auditoria as well as shops and restaurants. Inside musicians passed by as they headed to and from practice rooms. It was a neat space to be in.

This was the scene at our apartment that night.

Sam Adkisson and Michael passed out on the couch.

26.1.12 Thursday we had our preliminary final review for our competition board project in studio, and it went well. That night we went out to the Abbey Theatre Irish Pub with some of the Auburn and Philli students for open mic night. We had a fun chill time while Kyter played a few tunes.

27.1.12 Friday, in the morning, Michael, Jordan, and I went to the Piet Mondrian exhibition at the vittoriano. Well worth it. There were a number of works by other artist of the same time. The clear progression of Mondrian’s work was awesome. I really liked the last room of the exhibit, which had some of his better known paintings. Again, I wanted to be in a place where I could begin making artwork for my own crib like that. In that last room also sat a Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld. 

28.1.12 Saturday afternoon we went to find the H&M and look at a lot of the other shops. We found the H&M but sadly were defeated when it only had women’s clothing. However we also go to stop and visit Piazza del Popolo, like we’ve been meaning to for a while now. There was something weird happening in the Piazza. There were people holding hands and walking in a big circle… then they came together and clapped and cheered. There were oodles of TV camera equipment filming it. We couldn’t make heads or tails of what it was all about. We also passed the Italian Rugby team or something on our way home haha. There was a marching band playing for them and a crowd. By now we all are getting pretty good at the bus routes and public transportation. We’ve been using it a lot to get around. 

29.1.12 Ashlynne, Red, Michael, and I went to Holy Mass in the Pantheon. The sights and sounds of Mass in that building were beautiful. It was a fairly small service and a bit cold, but it was good. Then we went off to do more work in studio for the evening.

30.1.12 Monday evening we made our way back to the Palazzo Barberini for class. Over the next few weeks, our teams will be making detailed measured drawings of different portions of the facades. 

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